At first, Parker bowles felt a bit empty, but that was partly because we came early (and by „early“ we mean Sunday at 11:00), and mainly because the place is so huge. It’s well designed, comprised of two big spaces separated by a few steps, with a big open-plan kitchen visible from both. Two massive layers of metal bars double as a wine bottle wall and the focal point of the room, and large brown wooden tables give a bit of an American western flair to it all.

Parker bowles’ new Weekend-Frühstück menu is all about an American-Mexican mix. We went veggie as usual with pancakes, Huevos Rotos and Huevos Rancheros. The pancake dish included two impressively-sized banana pancakes with maple syrup on the side, and both Huevos dishes were served in big bowles as the establishment’s name suggests. Topped with one of the kindest servers we encountered so far in Berlin (who even knew how to say in Hebrew: „I’m a little duckling“. Long story..) – it was a heart-warming experience on a cold day.

Design: American-western, spacious, wooden and gorgeous-looking

Plate test: squeeky-clean. All 3 dishes were yummy and satisfying

Soundtrack: existed, but nothing stuck. Pleasant but not memorable

Kids: why not? Plenty of room to run around

Pets: possible

Service: great, friendly and very fast

Coffee: black, dark and tasty

Prices: 6 – 8 euro, coffee not included

Parker Bowles

Prinzenstr. 85d, Berlin